Calis Beach Turkey

Calis Beach Turkey

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I am brand new to this site and already have found lots of useful information. We bought our house on Calis ( Challush ) beach near fethiye in Turkey 2 years ago. The holiday season in Turkey runs from May to end of October. So here are my questions ;

1, Only around 20% of the interest we have comes from our website, most we do through networking, the majority of the hits we get on the site are referals from elsewhere. How can we increase the amount of ' direct ' traffic to the site ?

2, I have a nice ' mouse over ' video clip on my homepage, it seems to work well for broadband visitors, I wonder if it annoys anyone on a dial up connection ?

3, There is a property boom going on in Turkey, lots and lots of people go in the winter thinking price will be a bit cheaper and all of these visitors need accomodation, any idea on how we can tap into this market ?

Many thanks in advance, if anyone wants to know about Turkey then just give me a shout.

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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